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Yeah Right?! I know that what you’re thinking, and trust me I can relate. There was most definitely a time when the alarm chiming on a Monday morning was less than thrilling, but these days when I sit down at my desk at the start of the week I’m genuinely excited about what I get to do each day.

Let me explain. At heart, I’m basically a geek. I love puzzles, finding order in chaos and generally organising things. Over the years I’ve honed my nerdiness to a point where I get to use my problem solving skills and love of a good system to help other people do what they do better. Which, as it turns out, is something else that I love. And so Love Monday was born… 
We now offer a full end to end suite of business services. Everything from helping you scope your requirements, designing/redesigning processes or sourcing the most appropriate software solutions; right through to training, documentation and post implementation support. We also offer Online Business Management and Virtual Assistant packages if you’d like someone to look after your day to day operations on a more regular basis.  CRM, database management, ecommerce or website maintenance, social media & marketing strategy, if its on your To Do list, chances are we can do it for you!   
Whether your just starting out, looking for new software, restructuring your business or just want to review your procedures. Turning the focus back on to how you do business can be a daunting and confusing process.  Think of us as a sounding board and help you find the right direction for you and your business. 
Guided by your vision and company ethos, together we can have you on the right path in no time. 



Lets face it, passion is contagious. If you’re excited about what you do, then you’re customers will be too! People who love their work are engaging, inspiring and successful. Who doesn’t want to be around that type of energy. All to often that spark which started it all can be snuffed out by the rigours of making a business function day to day. My aim is to help you reignite that passion, by making your day to day easier. Streamlining what you do and providing you the tools to grow and sustain your operation, so you can focus on why you’re in business in the first place, while knowing that the how of it all is taken care of.


I have been helping companies automate their business processes through developing and implementing software solutions for almost 18 years. Technology is only as good as the business systems it is built around. But with a solid understanding of the requirements in your business, the right software can not only enhance your operations, but also provide you with an infrastructure allowing you more time to focus on growing your business or hanging with your family or fishing… or whatever else floats your boat!? The point is, the right tech can save you time. Use it however you see fit. By ensuring you have the right products, supported by good processes, we can set you on the path to business system nirvana, which is totally my geeky happy place. 



Why do something in 4 steps when you can do it in 2 or better yet 1…. When a business grows, systems and procedures can evolve out of a need to get the job done, without any really planning. What you end up with can often be a tangle of processes that are time-consuming and ineffective. Worse still, as you develop, gaps and inconsistencies can appear between policy & procedure. These holes can lead to mishandled information and missed opportunities. So how do you develop robust, efficient and cohesive strategies? Keep It Simple Stupid, because lets face it, we could all do with a little more K.I.S.S in our lives.



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Small changes in the way you operate can have significant impact on your business. There are many ways we can help you get more out of your week. Are you ready?