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VA & OBM packages to get your daily tasks and projects done, so you can focus on the big picture!
business analysis, systems audits and project management of solutions to make your working week easier

love monday

Our aim is to help you retain your passion for your business, by making your day to day easier. Streamlining what you do and providing the tools to grow your operation, so you can focus on why you're in business in the first place. All the while knowing that the how of it all is taken care of.
Aligning your software with your company vision and customer need, is something we feel very passionate about. We can help you make the right decisions for your business regarding automation and where technology can really add value and really free up time in your day to day!
As a business grows, systems and procedures can evolve out of a need to get the job done, without any really planning. What you end up with can often be a tangle of processes that are time-consuming and ineffective. Lets get back to simple!

your processes underpin your business success. regular review is key to staying on track.

Our Team

Paula Thurnham

Director - Senior Project Manager
Our chief geek and chaos wrangler. With over 18 years experience in business analysis, process improvement and technical project management, Paula has spent the last five years helping small business develop better systems, leverage technology and carve out more time in their week. In addition to managing individual projects, Paula is also a trusted business manager, providing operational support and task management to sole traders, entrepreneurs and small businesses both locally and internationally. Paula is an advocate for remote teams and flexible working practices believing strongly that a successful working life no longer means grinding the 9-5. As our expert in cloud based tech and system automation, she knows that with the right strategy, tools and process we can all have better work weeks!

Andrew Thurnham

Head of Creative & Marketing Strategy
With a strong background in design, sales and brand management, Andrew is our go to for start ups and clients looking to refresh or further develop their brand. By helping this clients fine tune their message and define their market, Andrew develops authentic, engaging brand identities and affective marketing strategies that take small businesses to the next level.

The Virtual Team

Our Remote Professionals
The best thing about our virtual world is that we have access to the professional skills of a team of administrators, designers, IT support and accountants just to name a few. Working this way gives you access to the skills you need without having to employ someone permanently for jobs that only come up now and then. You get their skills and expertise when you need it and they can add fresh ideas to your projects. Our team is global, and ready to work so you get a fast turn round on jobs and depending on the requirements, the opportunity to develop ongoing working relationships with professionals who can really add value.
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We love a good chat! So if you have ideas you'd like to throw around why not give us call? Also, how good is coffee?!? We should definitely get some coffee... initial consult is free, So for brainstorming, lattes and general chitchat we can be reached on:
+64 03 6692443
Too busy wrangling your gmail to pick up the phone? [*pssst... we know someone who can help with that.] Don't worry, you can always drop us an email. Our inbox is always open so no matter what time it is when you finally get a few minutes to focus on your business, we'll be here.
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ready for a better working week?

Small changes in the way you operate can have significant impact on your business. There are many ways we can help you get more out of your week. Are you ready?


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